Sunday, 25 May 2014

Entry Submitted!

Sorry for the two months absence, I have just submitted my entry and will still be continuing development. My absence has been due to a tight schedule from the multitudes of tests which I have had to do.

Lets get up to speed:
This is the current menu, I've probably spent 6-12 hours working on this. In fact, this is the 3rd version. There currently a single chapter which contains only 2 parts. I will also be working on developing a saving system as the game currently stores no data.

This is from the first level and shows the controls for the game, the current iteration of the game has been designed specifically for computers as only computer games can be entered into the competition.
There are two features shown in the above, the first being the actual drawing mechanic for the game, and the second being the bucket of paint. The bucket of red paint gives the player the ability of drawing in red, which in turn grants the player the ability to remove parts of the map.
This is from the second level and depicts the red paint at work. There is also a blue paint in the game, but I haven't actually implemented a level to gain it. All the blue paint does is that it allows the player to jump higher by acting as a spring.

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