Monday, 26 May 2014

Optimising for Phones!

This is a first look at the blue paint and the mechanics which I have implemented in order to better optimise the game for phones. This screenshot had been taken on a computer-executed test. It can be seen that the entire game may not be able to be tested on computers towards the foreseeable future, as it will be less compatible, evident from the skewering of the virtual controls.

The blue paint's jump enhancing properties can also be seen.


This video is a little different from the one I submitted for the contest.

1 Day after submission and changes

I have little faith in winning as my submission was no-where near finishing, I only had two levels, all because I had decided to redo the game about 3 times as my ideas changed and my focus changed.

But anyway, I have just added virtual controls for mobiles into the game, with buttons for colour selection. This should fix the 'Q' and 'E' issue that was used for colour changing previously. I will be uploading screenshots and a video teaser.

I will also be working on Red Dot over the next week, but I'm returning into exam week after this week has finished.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Entry Submitted!

Sorry for the two months absence, I have just submitted my entry and will still be continuing development. My absence has been due to a tight schedule from the multitudes of tests which I have had to do.

Lets get up to speed:
This is the current menu, I've probably spent 6-12 hours working on this. In fact, this is the 3rd version. There currently a single chapter which contains only 2 parts. I will also be working on developing a saving system as the game currently stores no data.

This is from the first level and shows the controls for the game, the current iteration of the game has been designed specifically for computers as only computer games can be entered into the competition.
There are two features shown in the above, the first being the actual drawing mechanic for the game, and the second being the bucket of paint. The bucket of red paint gives the player the ability of drawing in red, which in turn grants the player the ability to remove parts of the map.
This is from the second level and depicts the red paint at work. There is also a blue paint in the game, but I haven't actually implemented a level to gain it. All the blue paint does is that it allows the player to jump higher by acting as a spring.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

More Pencil Hero Concept Art and Plot

Over the last few weeks I have be designed a simple story to the game as a spine, this will help develop a better structure towards the future. The plot is simple and involves two major characters, the main player and their nemesis, Dr Grey.

The game begin with Dr Grey takes over the main setting of the game as he removes colour from the world. This adds a greater objective to the game in which the main character is tasked to recover their world  from a dark age created Dr Grey and ultimately end his reign of terror.

The main character has been redesigned and is currently in a provisional state:

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Concept Art for Pencil Hero

I have been working around the clock to develop some concept art to give myself a kind of idea for I would like to aim for. I have finalised a concept title art; although this is bound to change due to the clash in theme (further explained below).

This concept title art is currently extremely basic and does not exactly cohere with the specific theme which I am aiming for; thus either my desired them will change or this artwork will be re-done. The font used for 'PENCIL' looks more like it was scratched on with a fine-liner rather than a pencil.

The clash is extremely apparant in comparison between the concept title art and the concept art for the main player:

After hours of drawing, this was left as a combination of trials to create an original cartoon character. The title art contains a more medieval theme, whilst that artwork for the player relates to a more modern and post-world war theme.

Working on a New Game!

I have begun working with a new game which is currently named Pencil Hero. The basic concept of the game will involve a main controllable character and the ability to draw on-screen. The game will be targeted for Smart Phones and will be built from the ground up, by scratch. This game may also be entered into the BAFTA Young Game Designers Award 2014!

I've started by working on the basic drawing system:

You can already see that there are a multitude of  bugs which need to be fixed before I can even begin working on the other game mechanics.

These bugs include the application being unable to keep up with the movement of the finger, forcing it to be not as smooth as I would personally like it to be. The second bug also relates to the processing speed as the script is unable to keep up causing the  breaks when drawing.

The only way I've found that has addressed this issue is to have multiple scripts work on this mechanic; although it causes the application to demand more processing power from the phone.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Graphics Update Part 2

The release of update 2.1.4 is underway and will bring the second part to the graphics overhaul. This update contains graphical and bug fixes, whilst introducing some minor graphical changes. Making the graphics more even is the next big part to the game, to come.

Again, please post any comments, suggestions and bug reports on the blog or on the Play store!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Graphics Update Part 1

2.1.2 - Graphics update part 1
Instead of releasing the graphics overhaul in a single update, I've decided to release it in segments. This is the first of four updates which have updated the textures on menu features; although more changes are to come. Some bug fixes have been made, please report more suggestions and bug, thanks!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Update 2.1 and 2.2 News

2.1 - Haptic Feedback
This is the first large update which integrates the use of vibrations as feedback from the phone. This adds a kind of sense a feel to the game, you will feel the press of the buttons, you will feel the failures and you will rejoice in your successes.

2.2 - Graphics Re-roll
I have begun redesigning the graphics for the game; although the overall theme will remain the same, the simple solid colours and pixel text.

A few bug fixes may be released before this update and will fix the bug present from the previous "Haptic Feedback" update.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated, whether as reviews or on here (currently none).

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Red Dot - Public Release!

Release on 08/03/14 at 22:08 GMT! Click the image above to see it in the Play Store. More updates to come, please report and bugs!