Sunday, 30 March 2014

Concept Art for Pencil Hero

I have been working around the clock to develop some concept art to give myself a kind of idea for I would like to aim for. I have finalised a concept title art; although this is bound to change due to the clash in theme (further explained below).

This concept title art is currently extremely basic and does not exactly cohere with the specific theme which I am aiming for; thus either my desired them will change or this artwork will be re-done. The font used for 'PENCIL' looks more like it was scratched on with a fine-liner rather than a pencil.

The clash is extremely apparant in comparison between the concept title art and the concept art for the main player:

After hours of drawing, this was left as a combination of trials to create an original cartoon character. The title art contains a more medieval theme, whilst that artwork for the player relates to a more modern and post-world war theme.

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