Sunday, 30 March 2014

Working on a New Game!

I have begun working with a new game which is currently named Pencil Hero. The basic concept of the game will involve a main controllable character and the ability to draw on-screen. The game will be targeted for Smart Phones and will be built from the ground up, by scratch. This game may also be entered into the BAFTA Young Game Designers Award 2014!

I've started by working on the basic drawing system:

You can already see that there are a multitude of  bugs which need to be fixed before I can even begin working on the other game mechanics.

These bugs include the application being unable to keep up with the movement of the finger, forcing it to be not as smooth as I would personally like it to be. The second bug also relates to the processing speed as the script is unable to keep up causing the  breaks when drawing.

The only way I've found that has addressed this issue is to have multiple scripts work on this mechanic; although it causes the application to demand more processing power from the phone.

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